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Buy A Weapon Safe for Home

Buying a weapon safe can be one of the most important decisions in your life because it will keep everyone safe from every risk. Not to mention that you and other responsible people are the ones who can have access to guns.

A gun safe is a big investment. But here I am not only talking about the investment amount you need to prepare, but also the size of your room. Well, the weaponry safe is large, heavy, and sturdy. It will be a one-time purchase since you are going to use the safe for a long time in the future.

Once you move it to your house, it will be there for a long time, and you won’t need to move it from room to room. Even if you do, it will be possible to do it by yourself, thanks to the heavyweight. In this safe, you can store everything from your Deagle Pistols, shotguns, crossbows, knives, and so on.

Since it is a lifetime decision, you don’t want to choose wrongly so that you regret your decision later. Here are the tips you could take to attain the best weapon safe for home.

How large are your weapons you will want to store?

If you want to choose the right size of the gun safe, you will want to measure your weapons first. Not only the size, but also the number of your weapons can also affect the size of your safe. There are many consumers who are wishing to have a bigger safe. Well, it is not wrong at all. The larger you’re safe, the better because you can store more weapons in one place.

Here is a simple but great tips. You could pick a safe which is 1 1/2 times to twice larger than what you think you will ever need. The reason is that the larger the safe you choose, the more slots you can prepare for your future weapons. There’s a possibility to purchase new guns later in the future. And you will want to be ready to store them in adequate place when you do.

The interior of the safe

What do you think about the interior of your wapenkluis? Does it come with flexible shelves which allow you to store weapons with different sizes? Can you adjust the height and depth of the shelves?

Gone are the days when you were stuck to the manufacturer’s design. The most sensible choice for you nowadays is the gun safe which comes with the modular system. The modular system gives you such wonderful flexibility so that you can personalize your safe as you require and need. Your weapons can be changing from time to time. Therefore, you will want to have the safe that is ready to accommodate your business.

Choose the design that is safe for your body

The conventional design of the safe has some flaws to consider. But one of the most pivotal things is that the guns can dinge too often. Out of the safe, your toe can get injured when hitting the bottom of the door of your safe. This can happen to anyone. That’s why you will want to avoid the conventional design of the weaponry safe. Instead, you could choose the weapon safe with a raised floor. In this case, you won’t bang the toe against the bottom part of the safe as you retrieve or store your guns.

The fire resistance feature

Not all models come with the great quality of fire resistance. Most of the modern gun safes are already fire-resistant. The thing to consider is that the fire ratings can be different from one model to another.

The fire resistance ratings can be the factor that helps you to determine which safes are good for your house. Usually, the safe manufacturers are partnering with the independent labs. That could be a problem because the ratings given to the models can be biased.

But you can rest assured when you are dealing with the top brands of the models. Their consumer’s reviews are usually the supportive points that you could consider. If you’re lucky, you might be able to communicate with the consumers or experts who have ever tested the fire resistance quality of the weapon safely. If your house is far from a fire station or water hydrant, you will want to have a safe that has stronger fire resistance.

The type of gun safe lock

The lock of the wapenkluis is also an important factor to consider. It is the bridge between the outer world and your weapon. The locks can be a wide array from the electronic lock to manual lock. The manual lock uses conventional keys and locks. If you are about to choose the best gun safe, you will want to choose the one with an electronic lock.

The electronic lock model of weapon safe is renowned because of the sensible reason. These locks are resilient, durable, and long-lasting. The electronic locks are also much safer and secure than conventional locks.

Prevent your guns from rusting inside

While you can have the best protection from the outside, one factor which can deteriorate the quality of your gun collections is the air inside the safe. Therefore, you will want to make sure that the dehumidifier quality of the weapon safe is good all the time so that the safe can maintain the quality of your weapons.

The good dehumidifier will evaporate the moisture from the insulation to keep it safe from the damp risky environment.

Where do you want to put the weapon safe in your house?

Many homeowners prepare the free spot in the garage for the weapon safe. In most cases, bolting the wapenkluis to the floor is a good solution to keep it from moving. Installing a dehumidifier will be important if your garage needs good air circulation. Garage is the most ideal spot for your safety because it is away from the front door, and your neighbors won’t be able to take a peek from the windows.


The wapenkluis will keep you, your family members, and your belongings safer. It is a one-time purchase item from wapenkluis that will stay for a long time in the future at your house. Check all of the tips above before making a decision.

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