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Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tags


Do You Have Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tags

It is vital to do an annual fire extinguisher inspection to ensure that your business has an adequate supply of fire extinguishers. Most businesses use a basic type of fire extinguisher which is designed to put out small contained fires such as kitchen and barbecues.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tags

How fire is supposed to be extinguished also depends largely on the kind of fuel feeding the fire. A fire requires three things in order for it to be put out: heat, oxygen, and fuel.

Fire, Flames, Wood Fire, Glowing, Heat

Here are the common kinds of fire extinguishers and what they are best used for. In the United States, the most commonly used fire extinguishers are placed in trucks and are often visible Kidde Fire extinguisher. If you need to transport fire extinguishers, make sure that they are easily accessible and in a location that will not get in the way when transporting. In addition, the extinguisher should be placed in an area that can be easily accessed.

For the most part, a bucket fire extinguisher inspection reveals that it works efficiently if it is checked regularly. This is because its contents include water and carbon dioxide which are pressurized. The constant pressure in these liquids extinguishes any flame. However, when doing a regular check up of the equipment, make sure to check how long the canister can be used before it must be disposed of.

Having said that, it is recommended that you have a trained person inspect your fire extinguisher once a year. This is because certain materials may have changed over time, requiring a change in the contents. Similarly, the container may have become damaged and requires replacement.

When you do conduct a monthly inspection, the key is to check all the parts that are often in contact with a flammable liquid and ensure that they do not require replacement. If the container does require replacement, then ensure that you buy the same type of canister as was in your possession when the fire occurred.

Another thing that is essential for fire extinguisher inspections is the identification tag. This tag should be placed on all units that are being inspected. If there are a number of units in your inventory, then make note of the serial numbers and then the unit identification number (I.I.N.) which can be found on the label. This will help you track down service or replacement services should the need arise.

Monthly inspections are very good practice for a number of reasons. Firstly, they help to ensure that your firefighting equipment is working properly, and secondly, they help to prolong the life of your firefighting resources. In addition, if you do follow a maintenance schedule, then you will be able to identify problems much earlier, which will allow you to make informed decisions regarding future purchases of firefighting equipment and supplies.

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